Professional, Prompt, and Stress-Free Voice Over

Getting voice over for your Explainer Video shouldn't be a chore.

All too often, the process of finding the right voice over is a pain in the butt. It doesn’t have to be.


I offer a professional, stress-free, and fun voice over experience. Plus, you’ll get final files fast! It’s never too early to start making things easy.  Send me the details of your project today and get a free custom audition.


Curious as to how it might sound? See these examples for an idea:


Working together is as easy as 1 - 2 - 3!

In a time where attention spans are getting shorter, having an engaging and personable guide is an invaluable tool to have at your disposal. Professional Voice Over helps you grab your viewer’s attention and keep them invested throughout! 
  • Tell Me About Your Project​

    Use the form below or email me at with your project details, scripting (if available), and project deadline.

  • Get a Free Custom Audition & Quote​

    I'll send you a custom audition read of your scripting (up to 30 sec) along with my quote for the project.

  • Schedule Recording​

    Book recording time and get your fully edited voice track! (Often within 24 hours. Same-day delivery as often as possible.)

Contact Ryan today for a free, custom audition, or to talk about how Professional Voice Over can help you engage with your customers on a new level.

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Still trying to lock in your concept?

Maybe you are new to animated explainer videos and need a concept that works within the software limitations. Maybe you suffer from too few or too many ideas.  Put your project on autopilot with a capable, creative, energetic, intuitive partner with a great set of pipes.

If you’re working on:

  • a Television or Radio Commercial
  • an Explainer Video
  • an E-Learning Module
  • a Real Estate Virtual Tour
  • an Audio Drama
  • a Video Game
  • Animation

Then we can definitely make some magic. Are you ready?

You might need Script Writing services, if you are:

  • A badass video producer or marketing professional with too many balls in the air.
  • A saavy business owner with a message to share.
  • Unsure how to use video to simplify a complex concept.
  • Ready to feel the glory of producing videos that people love!

Rates are based off a number of factors including: Type of video, Length of video, Broadcast or Non-Broadcast, Target Demographic (local, regional, national), etc. For fast and accurate quoting, please include this information in your message.

Bulk rates are available and are quoted based off a project’s specific needs.

Any voice over pickups due to Voice Actor error will be done free of charge! Pickups for any other reason would be 50% of original hourly session rate.

Of course! You can virtually direct the session via Source Connect, Skype, or Zoom.